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Friday, August 12, 2011


Thanks for the amazing support, guidance and suggestions to this effort of ours..!!!.I sincerely thank people for the interest, all the suggestions, all the well wishers, people who visited my blog, people who gave me cues  as to how to keep this going,all of these gestures have helped me and my confidence and I am back after a hiatus to start contributing stuff..:)..

So, for people joining us now in this attempt, I request you to visit my First Post for the introduction..:)

My personal writing would be discussion of what I have learnt, rather how I have digested few of the topics which might be of interest to a layman..And I am considering the way of connecting real life scenarios/ examples to the concepts i.e. creating ANALOGIES..just for the take off..for that trigger and to keep us moving..

This habit of mine, creating an analogy for understanding a concept, with time and repeated usage has become a strong way of my preparation..And, by the grace of God during my stint at the prestigious Indian Institute of Science, I had discussed the coarser version of this attempt with Dr.Krishnaswami Kasturirangan, the renowned scientist of the Indian Space Program. He was convinced and even gave me his approval and suggested me to come up with a CD or a tutorial online..But for me it was a student project and things did not take off then..may be I was not thinking BIG....And here we, thanks to the social media and the platform/audience it provides to voice your opinion and discuss your ideas..

I have picked up the same cause with a renewed interest and spirit and with a will to make it big..!!..Life is long enough to have extraordinary dreams, yet short if you have want to achieve it all by yourself..Hence, I am gathering ideas..I am gathering people..I am gathering support..I am putting together my dream..See u soon with my first post on a layman's take about the buzz word which dominates the present mobile phone industry..

Keep Simplifying,


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